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4B Foundation: Name and Logo Description

The 4B Foundation is an organization that stands on the pillars of four fundamental rights, each beginning with the letter ‘B’. The foundation’s name encapsulates these core principles, which are reflected in its logo and mission.

Logo Elements:

  • Circle: The logo features a circle, symbolizing unity, wholeness, and the foundation’s commitment to inclusivity.

  • Four ‘Bs’: Inside the circle, the four ‘Bs’ represent the foundation’s key focus areas:

    • Bachpan (बचपन): Right to Survival

    • Bachav (बचाव): Right to Protection

    • Badhna (बढ़ना): Right to Development

    • Batcheet (बातचीत): Right to Participation

Design Philosophy:

  • The logo’s design conveys the foundation’s dedication to nurturing and safeguarding children’s rights. Each ‘B’ is not only a cornerstone of the foundation’s ethos but also a step towards empowering the communities it serves.

Color Scheme:

  • The colors used in the logo are chosen to be vibrant and hopeful, reflecting the positive impact the foundation aims to have on society.


  • The Hindi script adds a cultural touch, emphasizing the foundation’s roots and its focus on local communities.

Overall, the 4B Foundation’s logo is a visual representation of its commitment to upholding the rights of children and fostering community development through education and empowerment. The logo serves as a constant reminder of the foundation’s values and the change it strives to bring about.

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