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Board of Directors



Founder & General Secretary

Sunita is the Director on the board of 4B Foundation. Being a Dalit herself, she exhibits a great understanding of the community issues. She graduated from IGNOU, Delhi and has been working for Dalit rights and entitlements since the past 2 decades. She is passionate about empowering women and children of the marginalized communities through poverty alleviation, skill development and promoting self-sustainability.     

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Mr Rahul always felt fulfilled when he was able to help others. Making a difference in our community is something that drives him every day. He has required social help himself in the past—and he was forever grateful for the impact social workers made in his life. This guidance brought him where he is today. , it can often be a humbling experience to reach out and ask for what comunity need. That experience and his compassionate nature certainly inspired him to choose a career in social work.

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Umesh Chandra

Vice- President

Mr Umesh Chandra  is a  humanitarian and a  social innovator. He is the founder of Labour Issue Watch. He has been in this field for the last 10 years. He is a professional Social worker. His main objective   is   towards   the  emancipation   of   the  working   class   who migrates from villages and engulf in the cities for survival. He often visit villages  and  does  extensive  research  in  understanding  various  social issues.   He   works   with   the   youth   and   gives   training  on   youth development.  He  provides  youth  development  training  both  in  the villages   and   in   the   city   as   Youth   are  the  building   block   in   the society. Now  he  is  starting  work  on  education  to  promote  quality education for all.

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Savita is a member on the board of 4B Foundation. She is driven by compassion, commitment and dedication for social causes. She has been associated closely with the organization and strives towards working for the betterment of the people.    




Lakshmi is a member on the board of 4B Foundation. She is a teacher by profession and works at a private school. She is a compassionate worker who is driven by her commitment towards social causes.  

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